Back Pain

Speaking about back pain, it is most often referred to back pain. It is believed that about 50-80% of adults have back pain during life. The causes of back pain are mostly sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, poor body posture, obesity, some types of training, excessive activity, lifting the overweight loads, improper performance of some exercises, etc.

The cause of the pain can also be the degenerative changes of intervertebral disc or prolapse of disc (disc hernia) in the the spinal canal with the pressure on the nerve roots, and this is manifested as lumboischialgia, or sciatica. The symptoms of back pain include pain, numbness, inability of movement, radiating pain in the leg.

Treatment consists of taking painkillers and medications for muscle relaxation, resting for several days, then of physical therapy, medical gymnastics, medical massage, and sometimes ends with surgery.

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