The most effective method to solve various physical problems, and besides the therapeutic it also has a diagnostic component. Through the skin it effects the muscular, nervous and lymphatic systems.

  • pain in the neck and back
  • numbness
  • spinal problems
  • inflammation of the muscles and nerves
  • headache
  • migraine
  • sprains
  • respiratory problems
  • relaxing the muscles
  • making the joints more moveable
  • deepening the breathing
  • pain reduction
  • circulation improvement
  • overall physical and mental condition


Of the whole body or partially individual parts (feet, legs, back, arms, abdomen, chest, neck and face) in order to raise general health, prevent the stress and fatigue, and to relax muscles.

  • prevention of stress and fatigue
  • relaxation of muscles
  • improves and accelerates blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • circulation improvement
  • slows and deepens the breathing
  • reduces pain and tension

Foot reflexology

Smooth slippery moves and the pressure that is applied to specific problematic areas removes the pain of lower leg and foot. This massage stimulates the better functioning of the whole body.

Deluxe massage with gold leaves

Gold renews and revitalises, strengthens the immune system of the skin and increases its resistance. Gold has a balancing effect on electrolytes in the body and gives a clear sense of well being and inner balance.

Hot Herbal massage

Massage is done with hot herbal compresses that contain firmly rolled herbs, and then are pressed or tapped the certain points around the body which soothe the muscles and stimulate vital organs and senses.