Insomnia is the most common response to stress because our minds and our bodies refuse to to relax completely and then the desired rest becomes unreachable. Insomnia is a problem associated with lifestyle. And in easiest form of insomnia, when a man sleeps for a few hours in the morning he still feels fatigue as if he never slept. In severe forms of insomnia a man sleeps only a few hours or do not sleep at all. Beneath all that lies one or more of existential problems for which there are not found any solutions yet.

The head is preoccupied with thoughts, heart is beating fast, and the man tosses and turns in bed in search of sleep that doesn’t come. Anyone who suffers from insomnia blames himself/herself because he/she can not fall asleep. But that is not the solution.

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Massage therapists use legs, knees, hands and feet in order to "manipulate" the body and bring it to the harmony...