Neck Pain

The most common problems are the neck numbness and pain, and can occur at any age. Those are usually the result of neck muscle spasms, and make it difficult to move around and create a feeling of uncomfortable stiffness.

The contraction of muscles most often occurs due to a sudden movement, the wrong position during sleep, due to the exposure to draught, etc. The cause of the pain may be associated with the damage of cartilage of cervical vertebrae or with intervertebral disc hernia.

Then appears a strong, sudden pain, difficulty moving, and sometimes even immovability. Then the pain occurs, but it also suddenly disappears. The treatment consists of taking pain killers and medications for muscle relaxation, of physical therapy, and massage proved to be very effective, too.

Solution for your problem:


This is a combination of traditional Thai massage and massage with...


The name speaks for itself. Partial massage is focused specifically towards a specific part of the body...