Surprise your loved one by going to Sawasdee for Valentine’s Day

Is there a better way to show someone you love them than by giving them a present which relaxes and.

A special massages that heal the mind and body, too

You might already know this, but our minds and bodies deserve frequently more massages than we usually treat ourselves or.

Relax with an anti-stress massage

We’ve all been there. Too much stuff on our plates, many obligations, and long workdays ultimately lead to extensive burnouts.

Divine messages for peace of body and soul

Divine messages for peace of body and soul In the center of Pazin, there is a salon of traditional Thai.

For inner happiness, sometimes we must look for outer solutions

Believe it or not, the inner sense of happiness, or even the lack of joy, cannot stay hidden. Our fatigue,.

Wintertime: a time for an additional boost of happiness

Wintertime is often lovely but also carries difficult aspects. Short days, no sun, and cold weather usually bring the worst.

A great tip to spend your winter

Some of us are always looking for ways and ideas on how to spend the holiday time. It is a.

Why healing foot massage is important and how it helps us

Regular massage, in addition to purposefully regulating a number of health physical ailments, can also focus on a specific part.

Sawasdee – a massage for everyone

Did you know that Thai massage is one of the most effective methods in solving physical problems? Not only that,.

Aromatherapy in preparation for winter

Aromatherapy in preparation for winter Getting in touch with your inner self, clarifying your thoughts, and helping your body feel.