Partial massage

A partial massage is a massage where one part of the body is intensively massaged by the request of the client. The effect of the massage manifests on every level for someone- physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. When our levels are balanced we feel healthy and full of energy.

The massage relaxes and stimulates the muscles and helps to resolve the clusters of lactic acid which lead to cramps and pain. It also stimulates the function of inner organs, improves digestion and kidney function. The receptors form skin stimulated by a touch, send signals to the brain which reacts with endorphin secretion, the hormone for happiness and good mood, and so it effects our emotional level. The pleasant feeling and deep relaxation during the time of the massage allows the mind to expresses itself creatively, which results with blissful effect on a humans spiritual life.

Because of its blissful effect the massage is used for preventive and therapeutic purpose. It is the best choice for tiredness and pain, because in a short period of time it leads to revelation and tension release.

  • Partial face and head massage
  • Partial neck massage
  • Partial foot massage
  • Partial lower leg massage
  • Partial knee massage
  • Partial higher leg massage
  • Partial back massage
  • Partial chest massage
  • Partial calves massage
  • Partial hand massage
  • Partial forearm massage
  • Partial upper arm massage