Strained ligaments and tendons, sprains of joint ligaments

Injuries of the joints, tendons and ligaments are the most common sports injuries. They make, depending on the sport, between 37 and 75% of all sports injuries. It is important to distinguish between the ligaments and the tendons. While tendons connect muscles to bones, ligaments connect the bones. However, the symptoms are similar, so it is very difficult to distinguish them. Both the tendons and the ligaments are composed of connective tissue, ie. of collagen fibers. In tendons, the fibers are placed in parallel, allowing more flexibility that enables the muscle to move, ie. its stretching and shortening, and this makes them more suitable for connecting muscles to bone. The fibers in ligaments are criss-crossed with the aim of firmness of ligaments and of stabilization of bones in the joints.

Range of injuries ranges from mild, such as sprains and strains to the ones that are classified as severe and that require hospitalization. Injuries can be generally classified into overload injuries ("overuse syndromes") and acute injuries.

The causes of acute injuries are generally recoiled movements during jumping, landing, and generally during any other sudden acceleration or deceleration, or when sudden changes of direction. Injuries that are incurred in that way are called sprains or distensions. Damage occurs when the fibers become torn, and the severity of the injury depends on the extent to which they are torn and what kind of pain is experienced as a result of those injuries. Due to lack of blood flow into the tissues, ruptures sometimes become permanent damage that can be ended by their removal. Also, if the ligament is sprained more than it is bearable, there is a possibility that it will never be able to return to its original condition.

The massage improves the blood circulation, accelerates the healing of damaged structures, and strengthens the muscles that support the joints.

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