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Deluxe massage with gold leaves

Body massage with gold strengthens the immune system, restores vitality and acts antistressing and relaxing. The skin after the treatment has a glowing look with a slight golden glow. The latest scientific findings on the medical activity of gold gave the inspiration for the golden spa treatment. Gold is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, power and warmth.


Gold renews and revitalises, strengthens the immune system of the skin and increases its resistance. Through its energetic charge gold stimulates the life energy. The so-called colloidal gold has a balancing effect on electrolytes in the body and gives a clear sense of well being and inner balance.


For cosmetic use gold is split into the smallest particles. Small molecules of gold leaves are slowly absorbed into the body. Due to the energy charge and fragmentation, the surface of the particles is increased and the effect is better.

GOLD 24 Ka Massage oil for professional use contains pure gold, combined with the regenerative rosehip oil. Rich anti-aging formula for care is intended for luxurious massage for face and body, and makes the skin velvety soft with a gentle golden glow.


After application to the skin, gold activates electrons in the cells of the skin. When they are activated, in the skin are established processes of cellular communication (the renewal and the growth of cells are stimulated). After the massage the skin is nicely toned and elastic, with the beautiful, natural and youthful glow.


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Deluxe massage with gold leaves





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