A special massages that heal the mind and body, too

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You might already know this, but our minds and bodies deserve frequently more massages than we usually treat ourselves or our loved ones. A wonderful and proper massage is a perfect gift to anyone because of its health importance, and in a way, keeping your body and mind in regular order.

One of the most beneficial types of massages in Sawasdee Thai Massage & Spa is Ayurveda massages. These proven techniques include massages of the whole body and abdomen, relaxing face massage, partial massages, herbal treatments, and many more, and in all of them, we use warm oils that are wonderful for the skin. Whichever you chose, be sure that it will relax the buildup of tension, reduce stress and allow a wonderful wave of calmness to overrun your body.

Some of the Ayurveda techniques, such as Shirodhara, are specifically aimed at treating nervousness, fear or anxiety, so it is no wonder why these massages are known not only for healing the body but also the spirit.