About us

In the center of Pazin is our salon for traditional thai massage, with a suitable name Sawasdee Thai Massage & Beauty. Sawasdee is a polite greeting in Thailand ( Good day, Have a nice day). We offer a traditional Thai massage with original thai therapists, among which is Wassana Prakhong, a licensed therapist with many years of experience.

Sawasdee is made in style of Buddhism, which for centuries studies the techniques of Thai massages. The space is practical, comfortable and peaceful, and it is completely equipped with traditional Thai furniture, lights, ornaments made of wood, lamps...

The thing that gives a special, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere during the massage is the music which combines the sound of the nature and Thailand’s national instruments. During the decorations of the interior the attention was on the atmosphere, so that every client would feel comfortable and relaxed. Every room is dedicated to relaxing, peacefulness and quietness.

Massages are performed by Wassana Prakhong, a certified therapist for traditional Thai massages, who acquired her knowledge and practice in the Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok, which is the oldest and most known school for royal Thai massage.

Wassana was born in 1983.in Buriram, Thailand. She always wanted to be a masseuse, so after finishing the prestige Wat Pho school, she worked in a five star hotel- Purimas Beach Hotel & Spa.

In 2011 she came to Croatia, more precisely to Umag, where she worked as a masseuse in the Hotel Coral*****, Istraturist. A year later she started working in Pineti Vrsar, Maistra, and after the gathered experience and well knowledge of the Croatian language, she decided to open her own salon “Sawasdee Thai Massage & Spa” in Poreč in the hotel Mediteran-Blue Lagaune (Plava Laguna) and in Pazin on the address Vrtlišće 1.

Thai massage is also known under the traditional name Nuad Bo-Rarn, which represents a way of an eastern body therapy, which includes working with energy fields that surround and permeate the body. The beginnings of the Thai massage are dating from over 2000 years.

Thai massage simultaneously relaxes and gives energy. The masseuses use legs, knees, hands and feet to manipulate with the body and bring it to a harmony. The advantages of a Thai massage are numerous – removes physical and psychological stress, relaxes the body, relieves the pain from the muscles caused by physical effort. This massage positively effects to chronical pain as well, it balances the whole body, and it helps against cellulite.

Give yourself, your loved ones, your friend or you colleges a healing treatment, recovery and pleasure. Reserve one of the many treatments in Sawasdee salon for traditional Thai massage. We’ll become a part of your inevitable habits.