Aromatherapy in preparation for winter

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Aromatherapy in preparation for winter Getting in touch with your inner self, clarifying your thoughts, and helping your body feel completely new is quite possible with a variety of therapeutic massages that help us achieve harmony of spirit more easily. This is especially important in winter: it is natural that when the days get shorter, colder and darker, we can feel lower than usual. One of the best solutions is to give your body the charms and wonders of Sawasdee aromatherapy – the ideal preparation of the body for winter. Its great effect is easy to explain: the touch of a masseur releases hormones in your body that create an inner feeling of emotional connection: in this way, massage can help calm your mind and improve your mood, as well as relieve physical pain.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of the plant, to improve mental and physical well-being. In addition, the scent of essential oils is believed to stimulate brain function, and they are also absorbed through the skin, where they can achieve healing effects on the whole body.

Relax regularly with massages during the winter, as it also helps maintain muscle health for winter activities. Improved circulation increases body heat, ensures healthier blood pressure levels and increases the flow of oxygen through the body.

Sawasdee Thai Massage & Spa guarantees a wonderful experience and true body and soul care to make spring bloom in our body even during colder days. Welcome to Aromatherapy!