Healing touches of Thailand

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Thailand and its mystics have been known for centuries. Thai massage is a part of folk medicine, and its techniques and positive effects are the subject of numerous stories that have been passed down for generations. It is a combination of several different techniques – ayurveda, yoga, Chinese acupressure massage, chiropractic, and shitsu massage. It is this combination that provides the magic of Thailand’s healing touch.

Thai massage is based on 10 energy channels that extend throughout the body, and life energy flows through them. What is characteristic of it is that it is divided into folk and royal traditional Thai massage. The difference between the two massages is only in their application – in the folk massage fingers, hands, and elbows are used for massage, while in the royal massage only hands are used.

Healing touches in Thai massage have a positive effect on the body, improving lymph and blood circulation, which contributes to the removal of toxins from the body. Also, the massage relaxes the muscles and tendons, and the joints are stretched, which improves the flexibility of the body. Apart from the fact that Thai massage contributes to relaxation, it also stimulates energy in the body.

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