At last, say goodbye to muscle pain after workout

Working out regularly can have numerous advantages for your life – from health benefits such as controlling your weight, reducing.

Golden benefits for your skin

When it comes to skincare and skin treatment, the precious gold metal has a greater effect than you could suppose..

Two types of massages that relieve the persistent back pain

If you ever had or wished for a nice and intense back massage, you are probably one of the millions.

To avoid lack of sleep, let the masseurs do their magic

Did you know that if you suffer from insomnia or can’t get a good night’s sleep, a traditional Thai massage.

Say hello to massage and goodbye to the headache

Headaches are one of the most common health complaints – millions of people are affected by them, sometimes on a.

Proper circulation as a way to ensure health and a perfect day

Proper circulation is crucial for maintaining optimal health since it ensures that blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout your body..

Where relaxation and health meet together – Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda massage can get your whole body – all the way from face and up to your feet – to.

The great value of Thai massage recognized cultural heritage protected by Unesco

The practice of performing Thai massage has been passed down for centuries. Generations long ago made sure to preserve this.

Healing touches of Thailand

Thailand and its mystics have been known for centuries. Thai massage is a part of folk medicine, and its techniques.