Sports massage

Sports massage refers to controlling, manipulating and rehabilitating soft tissues in the body, including the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Not only athletes, but everyone who wants to protect themselves or rehabilitate from damaging the soft tissues can use this massage.

Regular subjection to this massage can decrease and induce relaxation. A sports massage can have a positive effect on the physical health, but also a good psychological effect.

You’ll feel a small tension in muscles. Pain after an injury during a physical activity is decreasing. This effect can be best explained through physiological reasons. Due to increased physical activities or muscle injury, a small amount of blood gets to muscle tissues.

After intense physical activities it is often needed more than just physical recovery. Working out can often be exhausting. If you’re struggling with being overweight, you probably feel pressure to work out more. If you’re training professionally, than the pressure is higher than just physical exhaustion and pain. Not reaching your goals or fear of injuries can be psychologically challenging.

The massage has also deep psychological benefits. This massage is known for easing depression, increasing good mood and decreasing anxiety, calming the mind and improves sleep. Depression can decrease motivation, so it can be tough to stay in form. High level of stress can cause over eating and avoiding exercises.