The great value of Thai massage recognized cultural heritage protected by Unesco

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The practice of performing Thai massage has been passed down for centuries.

Generations long ago made sure to preserve this gem of the body-mind-and-soul way of healing and relaxation, but recently, it has been recognized as a cultural heritage that deserved to be listed by Unesco. If you were not particularly aware by now, Unesco is the United Nations’ agency for education, culture, and science, and it protects very valuable cultural practices. Thai massage is proved to be globally important to preserve and protect for future generations – just like songs or stories – which only begins to tell us how valuable it can be.

Of course, this comes as no surprise, since Thai massage is the most effective method that solves various physical problems, and in addition to therapeutic, it also has a diagnostic component. It acts on the muscular, nervous, and lymphatic systems through the skin, and has soothing and healing powers.

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