Where relaxation and health meet together – Ayurveda massage

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Ayurveda massage can get your whole body – all the way from face and up to your feet – to feel relaxed, amazing, and improved healthwise.

Besides reducing stress and muscle tension, they cover up a range of body parts, so you can just pick which part do you want to feel a blissful change. Improved circulation and skin tone, as well as increased flexibility, only begin to describe the wonders they have to your body and mind. Ayurveda massage of the whole body and with the help of warm oil or even fruit is precious for rejuvenating the skin and reducing mental tension. It also benefits you because of its anti-stress effects, and simultaneously improves vitality, and cures all types of muscle pain.

You can choose among Abhyanga, Mugha Abhyanga, Shiro Mugha Abhyangam, Sringara Fruit, Pada Abhyangam, or Shirodhara massage – each is meant for a certain part of the body or a problem you may face, and all of them are executed with range of health beneficial goodies.

If you have a need for a face, head, or whole-body massage – with different oils, herbs, or even fruits – just like in Sringara Fruit massage, which helps with insomnia, reduces wrinkles, and focuses on your neck and shoulders – whichever choice you make, it will do wonders for you.

Discover all benefits of Ayurveda massage and give yourself a treat on these autumn days, when we all need it the most.